Hi friends! I started this blog as a way to document the many moments I want to remember.

Our story began in 2012, when we met in New York City and again when we ran into each other outside of the Manhattan Beach Lemonade in 2013. We got married in my hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2015 and we've been bright-eyed about each other ever since.

Our first few years were spent in darling little Norfolk, Virginia and now we call Los Angeles, home! We're two best friends learning about life, family, marriage while balancing all of that with the pursuit of our passions. Ian is the anchor, I'm the wild card. He is stability, I'm organized chaos. At parties, he’s the dancer, while I’m the chowing down all the food. HA!! We’re both silly in the same way, which I love. After almost 5 years of marriage, we’ve hit a stride in our relationship and it just keeps getting better and better. And while our day-to-day isn't always easygoing, it is everything we dreamed life together would be like.

A typical night for us would involve grilling out on our patio, taking a walk around the neighborhood or anything involving the beach. Then at about 9pm, Ian normally says he's going to have a bowl of cereal or we look at each other and without words, agree that it's a Yogurtland kind of night.

It’s no secret that we love to love on people. Our faith is the lifeline and foundation of our family. We strive to give out as much as ourselves as we can, loving harder each day, forgiving freely, and keeping up with forgetting hurts and offenses. We’re no where near perfect, but we have something greater to live for beyond just ourselves and that just takes all the pressure off.

Summer 2017, our lives got a whole lot richer when we welcomed our first little love, Rhona. We're completely in love with her. Every night, we watch videos of her before bed because we miss her when she's asleep. We have a running list of nicknames for her (as we do for each other) so sometimes we call her Ro, Ro Ro, Mo Mo, Mu Mu, Sugar, Mamas, Onion (Ian calls her this because he says she brings his life flavor, hahaha), Pizza-Rhonie, Tender-Rhonie, and basically anything in front of Rhonie. We're very smitten over her.

This July, we welcomed our second little love, Paloma. She arrived just days before Ro’s 2nd birthday. We’re still in the newborn days and we don’t know much about her yet except for she loves to eat, sleep in her bassinet snuggled in her swaddle. She is also the most peaceful and serene baby I have ever met. & I’m not just saying that because she’s mine!

At our house, we like to use this saying:

Come as you are -
stay as long as you can.
If you leave hungry, it’s your fault.