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I’m Anina. I'm married to my best friend, Ian, and a mama to two girls, Ro and P. This is the dedicated space on the internet where my journal lives. The real and raw, the good and the bad, the then, now, and the in between places in my life - with the occasional photo spam of my babies.

Rhona is 8 months

Rhona is 8 months

8 Things About Rhona: 

  1. She can get overwhelmed easily if there's a lot going on, if there is, she'll normally just play by herself or just another person. She's a baby that like to focus on one thing at a time. A lover of calm, smiley faces and soft spoken voices.

  2. She'll go to anyone but won't love every one. She may be content for a little while but soon after, she'll want to return to a familiar face.

  3. She is SO SWEET. The kisses that come without asking, the head on the shoulder before naptime, the reaching up for us when we walk into the room - she knows how to love so well.

  4. If she senses that I'm something other than happy, she will just stare at my face. It's very cute. If she's on my hip, she'll tilt her head to see my expression. As soon as I see her cute face, I immediately light up and she feels safe to return to playing. It keeps me in check for sure, now learning that this baby feels my emotional weight.

  5. Rhona is mega in love with my mom. When she visited a couple weeks ago, Rho was so attached. She barely wanted to be with me! It was precious. My mom thinks it's because they Facetime every day but I think my mom is just a baby magnet.

  6. Rhona loves to eat whatever we eat so that was a so long to baby-fied foods. There's a big girl in the house now!

  7. Her new trick is to wave "Hi" and "Bye".

  8. She's sitting up on her own, climbing onto everything, and when we help her walk, she can put one foot in front of the other!

8 things we're most excited about the new place: 

  1. A shorter commute time to work for Ian.

  2. Having a patio where we can grill, host and set up a little water table for Rho.

  3. Being able to stretch out and not be elbow to elbow.

  4. Two full bedrooms - no more makeshift master bedroom!

  5. Also we're very excited to give Rho her own bathroom - bye bath toys!

  6. We'll be closer to the city which will let us go out more and explore new places!

  7. More space will mean we'll get to host more people and have plenty of room for when family and friends come out of town to visit.

  8. Most importantly, this new space is one we'll stay in for a LONG time. We've moved 3 times in the last 3 years so we're putting down our roots!

Life Update

Life Update

Rhona is 7 Months!

Rhona is 7 Months!